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Handsome Cat Head Bookmark | Solid Sterling Silver

Solid Sterling Silver Bookmark, featuring a handsome stylised cat’s head, with purity marks to front and rear.

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Handsome Cat’s Head Bookmark | Solid Sterling Silver

This larger bookmark takes the form of a handsome stylised cat face that will watch over you as you read. This piece differs a little from many of our other bookmarks as it has a three-dimensional effect, rather than a concave or flat back, so there is a pleasing roundness to it. The casting is smooth, giving a high polished sheen, and it has been produced with a seamless hollow cast method which makes it deceptively light for the size, so the large cat’s head shouldn’t pull too much on your page.

Cast in solid sterling silver, our bookmarks are admittedly not as ruthlessly practical as a scrap of paper or an old train ticket stuffed between the leaves, but they are an awful lot more stylish!

They can be used as your daily bookmark to add a touch of luxury to your reading, or as a longer-term page keeper to mark an important or meaningful passage in a particularly special book. Slide one over a slip of card with a personal handwritten message to make a wonderful thoughtful gift for a cat lover, or simply keep as a display item to be treasured and enjoyed.

Presented in a gift box.

We have a number of styles and sizes of beautiful solid silver cat-themed bookmarks available on the site. Why not explore our full selection and find your favourite.

Approximate Dimensions: 8.7cm x 2.6cm (at the longest/widest point)

Condition Report: A recently cast piece in excellent condition. It has been cleaned and polished by us to a fine bright finish, but please remember that, as a soft metal, silver is always liable to show some slight marks and fine scratches from handling when inspected closely, even when brand new.

Material: Sterling Silver

Weight: 7.7g

Marks: Sponsor’s mark and 925 purity mark to rear, just below the cat’s head.

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Weight 7.7 g
Dimensions 87 × 26 mm