Safe & Secure Payments with PayPal

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Data security is something that every online retailer should take very seriously – we certainly do, which is why we made the move to HTTPS to ensure a secure connection on every page of our website. The best way to make sure that your private information remains private is by not sharing it in the first place, and that’s why we ask for only the absolute minimum of information that will allow us to get your fabulous feline purchases safely delivered to you. One of the things that we don’t ask you for is your credit card number or other financial data.

Secured by PayPalAll of our transactions are handled by PayPal, which since its founding in 1998 has become the world’s best-known digital payment processor with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. When you go to the checkout at Thrilled Kitty, we pass you securely through to PayPal’s encrypted network, where you can pay with your PayPal account (if you have one) or a credit/debit card. This means that the entire payment process is carried out under the supervision of their state-of-the-art fraud prevention systems and 24/7 transaction monitoring, and their team of 2,000 specialists (including former law enforcement officials) who work with agencies around the world to stop fraud and identity theft. None of your financial data is shared with us or held on our server.

This post is in great danger of becoming a gushing advert for PayPal, but we’re rather impressed with their security measures. We concentrate on bringing you great art and antiques, and let the financial professionals handle your most sensitive data.