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Hand-carved Monogrammed Oak Plaque | 1950s

This distinguished circular wooden plaque is a wonderful example of relief carving, and is signed by the craftsman with the monogram NG. It is intended as a wall hanging piece, but would look equally fine displayed on a stand or in a cabinet.

The wood appears to be oak with a deep, rich patina, and when viewed at an angle the hand-tooling marks can be faintly made out on the flat background.

We believe that this plaque was carved in the 1950s, but work like this is quite hard to date: it could be a little earlier or later. We haven’t been able to trace any further information on the craftsman behind the NG monogram that would assist with a more definite dating.

The plaque has a diameter of approximately 20cm.

Condition Report: The carving is in excellent vintage condition, and we note no marks or damage which detract from the piece in any way. One or two minor flaws that might be spotted on close inspection would appear to be from the grain of the wood, as is common with any woodcarving. Backing is complete and undamaged, save one or two small scratches. Complete with metal loop hanger (which may not be original).

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Weight 260 g