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Alles Für Die Katz | German Wooden Puzzle

Alles Für Die Katz, a fiendishly challenging cat-themed packing puzzle from well-known designer Jean Claude Constantin, with adorable individual pieces hand-crafted in a variety of woods.

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Alles Für Die Katz | German Wooden Puzzle

First a warning: this is reviewed by puzzle fans as being incredibly difficult to complete, so please be sure that the recipient will enjoy this sort of challenge and not be driven absolutely barmy by it! We expressly disclaim any liability for broken friendships or injuries caused by hurled puzzle pieces.

Alles Für Die Katz – Everything for the Cats – is a deceptively tricky brain teaser. The aim is to fit the nine feline figures into the cat’s head-shaped frame. The puzzle is shown completed in our pictures, and it sounds simple enough, but once the cat pieces are removed you will find that they are cut with such fine precision that they will only fit back in the frame in one way.

The quality of this puzzle is fantastic, with an intricate design laser-cut by Jean Claude and a seamless fit between the pieces. A variety of different woods have been used for the cat shapes to make a colourful mix, and the woods used vary from copy to copy.

This puzzle is quite hard to find, and this one has been imported directly from the artist in Germany. We have only one copy available.

Measures approximately 16cm x 14cm

Presented in a gift box.

Important Note: This is a puzzle for adults – as well as being fiendishly difficult, the small pieces may present a choking hazard for very young children.

Condition Report: Unopened and in a clear protective wrap, direct from the artist.

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Weight 88 g
Dimensions 160 × 140 × 8 mm